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Violas Campaniças Group

The Group of Viola Campaniça was originally formed in the 80s by the Masters Francisco António Manuel Bento and Perpetua Maria, great promoters of this unique kind of music, and marked the return of these sounds which were long forgotten.

A new formation appeared in 2000, driven by the player Pedro Mestre, who counts today with new players, his Students as well as Márcio Isidro and David Pereira.

To Campaniça join the voices of Ana Valadas, Lucinda Master, Evangelina Torres and Celina Piedade who interpret the themes of tradition.
With two albums released in 2006, “Modas de Outro Tempo”  (“Songs of Another Time“) and "Ilha dos Vidros" (“Glasses Island”) they bet on the collection of Campaniço songbook and unique shows where one discovers an Other Alentejo.