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This project arose from the passion for Cante (Alentejo Traditional Singing) and the desire to recreate, without prejudice, modas (alentejo songs) whose beauty transcends the usual repertoire of Alentejo corals. So the 4uatroAoSul seeks songs of other people of southern Europe, particularly those of a religious nature in ancient times which makes us find common roots in the most unexpected places.

The group consists of four musicians and singers with diverse musical experiences: José Barros (Grupo Navegante); Rui Vaz and José Manuel David (Gaiteiros de Lisboa - Pipers of Lisbon) and Pedro Mestre (Viola Campaniça Player and rehearser of Alentejo Choirs).

The show consists of the presentation of themes a cappella, traditional from Southern Europe, namely from the Alentejo songbook and other accompanied by Viola Campaniça.

"Demudado em Tudo” is the first album of 4uatroAoSul.