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Pedro Mestre takes the stage to present his latest album, "Campaniça do Despique”.

Twenty years since he began his musical career, Pedro Mestre bets for the first time in a solo work "Campaniça do Despique" which evokes the most genuine touch of viola Campaniça, which has always accompanied the impromptu Cantes (alentejo singings) in Alentejo.

In this show, Pedro Mestre will offer the audience original songs of his own and modas (Alentejo songs) of the traditional repertoire of Alentejo, which gain new life, where tradition and innovation merge. And will include the participation of several guest musicians, whom have in common the taste and the fascination for the root traditional music and have followed throughout his professional and personal journey in a very special way.

Campaniça do Despique, a spectacle not to be missed, which aims to enhance the tradition and the musical richness, featuring Pedro Mestre, Viola Campaniça and the Alentejo.

Pedro Mestre – Viola Campaniça and Voice
José Manuel David – Piano, Pipe Organ, Accordion, Flute
Tânia Lopes – percussion
Vasco Sousa – bass guitar and bass
José Diogo Bento – voice
David Pereira – viola Campaniça and Voice
Ruben Lameira – voice
Miguel Carreira – guitar and accordion

Production / Musical Director – Pedro Mestre, José Manuel David
Sound Mixer – João Magalhães 

Promotion, agency and management
Pedro Mestre – Viola Campaniça Produções Culturais, Unp.Lda

Target Audience: Geral
Duration: 1h30
Age class: M/6

"Campaniça do Despique" Pedro Mestre e Convidados

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