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The Coral and Ethnographic Group The Carders

Land of carders, the Monte da Sete, has always been the land of Cante (Alentejo tradicional singing). In 2001 the men of Sete formed the coral group that honors the old job of wool carding, wool of the Campaniças sheep that afterwards the skillful hands of women of Sete would weave.

Its repertoire is rich in tradition themes, sing the modas (Alentejo songs) of the past, those that animated reaping and other long working hours. Those are the voices that sang all night long in taverns or outside to cheer up those who were listening.

Today they present themselves in shows of extraordinary vocal richness that evokes the most genuine Cante.

“Modas dos Cardadores” (“Songs of carders“) is the second album by Grupo Coral Os Cardadores da Sete (The Coral Group Carders of Sete) and it may be purchased here.


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